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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Our swap organizer Wildfyre has issued a new challenge: Nature.

Lucky for Hawk and me, there's an abundance of nature around here!

After much consideration (at least a couple of seconds), Hawk decided the place to start would be Beartown Rocks in Clear Creek State Park. (Besides, we got lost while driving around looking for the Laurel Fields, and that's where we ended up!)

She happened to find a round sprig of oak leaves on the trail, so she posed for this snapshot:

Then there was the climbing on the actual rocks. Hawk made a valiant effort and got about halfway up:

The picture feels a bit other-worldly. Alexampersandra on says it brings to mind the hobbits hiding from the ringwraiths near the beginning of that movie about the ring.

Check it out:


Hawk came back breathless and just a bit dirty.

And so goes the Pennsylvania Wilds adventure.

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