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Thursday, June 9, 2016

At last, Hawk and I were able to meet the challenge of a picture with our state symbol. Thank goodness the weather has finally cooperated -- Hawk was so bored with sitting on a shelf, waiting for sunshine and warmth.

We were able to snap pictures with two, yes two, of Pennsylvania's symbols. First, the eastern hemlock.

We couldn't get close enough for her to sit in the tree, so instead she decided to sit on the rope railing, next  to a utility pole, but you can see the big old hemlock behind her.

She wanted a closer shot, so even though we were losing the light, I managed to get this shot with the branches.

Hawk really liked the light/dark contrast of the new spring growth against the older needles.

Earlier in the day, my friend Judy alerted me to the fact that there is a mountain laurel bush in bloom right behind our library! As Hawk shouted hooray, we walked right over there and got some pics of this once-a-year Pennsylvania treasure.

The state made a smart decision when they named mountain laurel as the state flower. The delicate little blossoms with their pink stripes are a treat for any human or ostrich's eyes. Hawk just couldn't stop admiring them.

In fact, she insisted on a pose pointing to the blooms.

Groundhog Gus, move over! Hawk wants to be the new Pennsylvania mascot. I think she stands a good chance of being chosen.

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  1. Wow!!! I always wanted to be able to recognize the state tree and state flower!!! Hawk, you are lucky!!! But beating out the Ruffed Grouse instead of ol' Gus... Maybe you should first start by campaign? Yay!!!