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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hawk accompanied my sister and me on an adventure to Chautauqua Institution in Chautauqua, NY. This place is the best-kept secret in upstate New York! Recreation, visual arts, performing arts, religious studies, and renowned speakers, not to mention a beautiful lake.

We watched an organ concert from the back of the amphitheatre. The crowd was small, but Hawk was thrilled because this is the last year the amphitheatre will be in its current form. They're rebuilding the structure to be safer and more up-to-date:

Outside the amp, lots of bicycles waited for their riders to return. Hawk can't ride a bicycle. She wants to learn:

Park Place is one of my favorite homes on the grounds, so I had to get a shot of Hawk out front:

While in the area, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to visit the Lucille Ball museums -- there are two in downtown Jamestown NY, Luci's hometown. This was the first visit there for all three of us. No photos allowed inside, so I got this shot as we were entering:

And this one:

The hotel where we stayed has a trolley they use to shuttle people to the institution and back. Hawk loved the old-world style and the colors:

Near one of the shops in Mayville, we found these huge hostas, and of course, Hawk thought it was a great spot to pose for yet another portrait:

Or  two:

Such a lovely place. We had a relaxing trip. Then it was time to head back to Pennsylvania. Hawk was our lookout:

Are there bigger and wilder adventures yet to come? Stay tuned to Hawk in the Pennsylvania Wilds to find out what's in store for this stuffed ostrich, AKA Traveling Little Visitor!